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School Safety & Shootings

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23
Joe Kaufman for Congress will work with District 23 School, Legislative, Religious, Nonprofit and Business Leaders to ensure full perimeter safety, camera monitoring, bulletproof windows/doors, metal detectors and armed police are placed in every school.
That police are specially trained to engage shooters and not hide behind a wall.
That troubled kids are not in the general school population but placed in schools that can tend to their emotional/mental health needs.
They have access to spiritual care, support groups and mentors throughout their middle and high school journey where bullying and large school sizes can be intimidating.
That school actually execute their "Zero Bullying Tolerance Code", well as work the school counselors, chaplains and social service workers to help build up the self-esteem of the victims of bullying in cooperation with the parents.
Enough talk and townhall meetings by politicians like Debbi who have made a career out of crisis "promises" and long-term Congressional runs.
That is why our Senators and Congressional representatives need term limits. I think like presidents they should be limited to two terms.
They get comfortable and apathetic about the issues that don't affect them because they can afford private schools with high-quality security that ordinary public school students don't receive.
Let's get someone into office who will make "school safety" their priority and not a political talking point to garner votes.
Vote Debbie out, by giving Joe Kaufman the opportunity to FIGHT FOR STUDENT SAFETY and prove his authenticity!
He will do more in 2 years than she has done in 6 years after serving 3 terms with no school safety change.
What is her list of accomplishments? It is a "short list" that usually has to do with just throwing money at the problem to her crony establishment bureaucrat friends.
That is why she sits on the "Appropriations Committee". Money is her solution and not practical spending on tools and strategies that lead to economic and educational solutions and growth for District 23.
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