Clarity On The Issues

Police Departments & Pensions

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

The police department exists to protect the community and should be praised and respected for their role in keeping us safe.

Unfortunately, in recent years, police have been made into targets, because of the actions of a few within their ranks.

But everyone should know that when it comes to cops, Joe Kaufman 100% stands with the Blue, and I will always lend a hand to assist with their needs or to assist with any misunderstandings that exist within the community.

As a Congressman, I will also encourage things like neighborhood crime watch groups not to impede police, but to assist law enforcement in keeping an eye out for those committing crimes.

When people commit crimes, they need to serve out their sentences as punishment for the crimes.

Apart from certain heinous crimes, once the sentence is up, without forgiving what has already taken place, it is incumbent upon us all to help incorporate these individuals back into society.

We do this:

  1. Because we are a compassionate nation and believe in second chances and
  2. Because we wish to discourage future criminal activity, and helping bring those who have served their sentence back into a positive environment will assist in dissuading future criminal activity.