Everglades & Environmental Concerns

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

There are parts of Florida that were not built to withstand flooding.

As Congressman, I would look to bring federal funds to Florida for the renovation of certain areas.

This includes the creation of new bays and living shorelines and the bolstering of buildings and sea walls.

Regarding the damage caused by releases from Lake Okeechobee, we have an archaic system that is causing terrible harm to come to our beautiful Florida environment.

This effects tourism, fishing and, of course, the lives of the animals that call the water their home.

As Congressman, I will fight to bring federal funds to Florida, so that this environmental problem finds a permanent solution, instead of Florida being forced to have a choice between something that is bad and something that is worse.

I will always have Florida’s environment in mind with any type of legislation I choose to get behind.

This is our home, and we need to keep it safe and clean.