Clarity On The Issues

Tax Reform

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

Republicans were wise to banish the old tax code. It was unfair, confusing and burdensome.

I will champion an, even more, flatter/fairer/simpler tax system that treats all Americans equally and fairly.

All Americans should have a vested interest in the financing of their nation.

That way, politicians cannot play one American against another – a popular ploy to obscure the issues.

I supported Steve Forbes on this matter and was named by Herman Cain as a member of his ‘Army of David’s for doing the same.

With a new system in place, the IRS can be severely downsized or eliminated.

Prior to its dissolution, the role of the IRS needs to be transformed from a citizen watchdog group to a government watchdog.  

It would be mandated to investigate fraud, waste and duplication in government agencies and programs, thereby streamlining and increasing government efficiency, while saving the taxpayers billions of dollars

I support lowering the corporate tax rate significantly, which will repatriate over a trillion dollars back to the U.S.

A high corporate tax rate causes American companies with foreign subsidiaries to file their profits in countries with favorable tax policies.

Lowering our corporate tax rate will both increase revenue and repatriate jobs.