Clarity On The Issues

Medical Marijuana

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

Medical marijuana is not an issue of social conduct or moral decay; it is a matter of compassion. 

I have a personal attachment to this issue because it affects my family. 

My mother has MS, which is a painful progressive disease which in its more advanced stages is treated with devastating pharmaceuticals, such as oxycodone, a drug which led to the death of my cousin. 

In my mom’s case, an extreme treatment such as oxycodone could be replaced with a much milder drug, marijuana.

Very often we are faced with choices that are not easy, not black or white, but grey. 

However, in this case compassion should take precedence.  

Should we treat marijuana like many other addictive drugs, both as a medicine and as a narcotic? 

I say, we should.  Let’s treat it the way we treat barbiturates and opiates, as controlled substances, used for medical purposes only.

I recommend that we impose a tax on medical marijuana earmarked specifically for drug rehabilitation purposes.

In Florida, it is an embarrassment that we rank 49th out of 50 states in funding for issues concerning mental health and drug rehabilitation.

Let’s help cancer patients regain their appetites; glaucoma patients treat their disease; my mother find comfort in the late stages of MS; and restore addicts to normal and productive lives.  

It is a matter of compassion.