Clarity On The Issues

Health Care

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

Prior to Obamacare, health care in the US was exceptional, but the cost was a major issue.

America needs a health care system where both care is great and cost is low.

This can only be achieved through competition, not through more government.


The answer is to:

  1. establish state-run risk pools, as we do for auto insurance,
  2. allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, and
  3. promote efficiency by requiring hospitals and physicians to advertise their prices, with the savings passed on to the insured.

Also, to prevent doctors from leaving the Medicare practice, we need to allow them to charge above the Medicare payout, if necessary, to provide the care. In its present state, Medicare may survive, but there will not be doctors to serve patients.

Under a new system, most Medicare patients will not pay more, and those that do will do so by choice, not mandate.

Our solutions, and as the free enterprise system seems to work every time it is tried, these solutions will work. Choosing government to run healthcare will be expensive and oppressive.

The Obamacare website is a stunning example of the incompetence and waste of government, and choosing the IRS to operate the program and levy fines is the insight into how oppressive government can be.