Clarity On The Issues

Economic Prosperity & National Debt

Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

District 23 and American Citizens want to prosper financially, relationally and socially!

There is a problem. The national debt is quickly approaching $20 trillion.

Each year, we spend more than we take in and are forced to borrow from unfriendly nations or print more money which devalues our currency and severely impacts the middle-class.

Everyone knows you can’t spend more than you make.

If we do not reverse course, we risk our financial ratings and could suffer severe economic collapse.

The solution is to reduce spending and expand the economy, thereby increasing revenues.

This can be accomplished by reducing fraud and duplication in government programs, shrinking the size of government, and cutting out wasteful and unnecessary programs.

It will not require cuts to essential programs, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Welfare.

Most important is that the Free-Enterprise system needs to be embraced and celebrated, not interfered with and condemned.

Freedom and Free-Enterprise are symbiotic and cannot exist apart.

It is Freedom and Free-Enterprise that made us great and will keep us great.