Clarity On The Issues


Joe Kaufman For Congress Florida District 23

The advantages that have made the United States the greatest economy in the world still exist and are more promising than ever.

We have access to great sums of capital, abundant resources, a common language, an extensive and sophisticated transportation system, and a stable government.

However, we have not been capitalizing on our advantages, and this has hurt our economy.

Jobs are scarce and wages are stagnant.

We must institute pro-growth economic policies.

First, we must aggressively go after the energy we have at our fingertips.

Newly discovered fields of natural gas, oil and shale have opened up record amounts of energy for America. 

With the cooperation of Congress, the United States will be energy self-sufficient and will once again be the largest exporter of energy worldwide.

Our energy costs will become so low that we will be able to once again become the leader in manufacturing.

And while we provide for the present, we must invest heavily in our future.

The unlimited potential of reusable energy is bright and needs to be encouraged and embraced by America, by providing appealing incentives. 

When the government offered the first airmail contract through an aviation competition, they propelled aviation to a higher level.

They encouraged a new race to the top among eager entrepreneurs.

I support government investment and/or federal contracts to those companies which can produce renewable fuels much more efficiently and inexpensively than currently possible.

We will set the parameters extremely high along with a reward to match, such as a contract to convert all federal buildings throughout the U.S. to 100% solar. 

I believe it is precisely this type of motivation that will inspire some of our great minds to rise to the occasion and will lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

Government will not choose winners, but instead inspire winners. 

All we need is to provide the right motivation.