His Passion

His Passion To Serve

Joe Kaufman Family

Joe Kaufman was born in Detroit Michigan and raised by his grandparents in Westchester County, New York. Upon learning that his grandmother had fallen gravely ill, Joe put his promising radio career on hold to move to South Florida to tend to her. He became well educated to the challenges of the elderly and the difficulties of Medicare and old age.


Then another life-changing event took place, 9/11, 2001- the attack on the World Trade Center. Joe was fundamentally changed by the event, vowing to dedicate his life to fighting terrorism. He co-founded Americans Against Hate, a not-for-profit dedicated to fighting bigotry and terrorism. He worked with the FBI, Homeland Security and Department of Defense to identify, route out and imprison terrorists active worldwide with a focus on protecting America. He has done so heroically for the past 13 years with devastating results to certain individuals and organizations threatening the American people.


Joe received his formal education at the University of Maryland in Communications and quickly became the assistant producer of the G. Gordon Liddy radio show. He became active in the Republican Party while at the University and was a junior lobbyist for AIPAC. He further expanded his influence in Republican politics while in South Florida, including co-founding the Republican Jewish Coalition in Florida; serving as Vice President and Treasurer of the Broward County Young Republicans; writing for Jeb Bush’s publication, Impact; and serving as Broward Co-Chair of the Steve Forbes for President campaign.


Joe was, as well, a four-year committeeman for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and he worked as Special Assistant to Attorney Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch. He assisted Klayman on high profile cases, such as fighting against the return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba and fighting for the protection of the life of Terry Schiavo.


Joe also co-founded the Terror-Free Oil Initiative (TFOI), which pushed for energy independence for America and encouraged the purchase of oil from friendly producing nations, as opposed to funding enemies of the U.S. This helped Joe develop an in-depth understanding of American energy challenges and the proper solutions to our energy needs.


In January 2012, Joe was invited to be a signatory to the 25th-anniversary reconfirmation project of Friends for Israel, a group that promotes Israel’s Declaration of Independence. This was a huge honor, as previous signatories included: Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


Joe is uniquely qualified to serve District 23 in Congress. As an active member of the Jewish community, he understands the needs and desires of the large Jewish constituency in the district. And as the husband and father of Latin-Americans, he has a deep and compassionate understanding of the large Hispanic population of the district. His appeal to independents is rooted in his commitment to putting America first, ahead of Party or self-interest. He is a proven patriot who wants to serve his nation and its people with honesty and integrity.


Joe’s wife, Emily, grew up in Lima, Peru and lived in Israel for a number of years. She teaches Spanish and Hebrew for schools in Broward and Miami-Dade. The two have a baby daughter, Ruth, named after Joe’s beloved grandmother.