His Resume

Joe's Resume

Education: BA in Speech Communications at the University of Maryland (1993)




2014 & 2016        Republican Nominee against Debbie Wasserman Schultz for US Congress, Florida CD23

-              Endorsed by Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, Mark Levin, Niger Innis, Roger Noriega, Joyce Kaufman, Jackie Mason and many others


2003 – 2018         Writer/Lecturer for David Horowitz Freedom Center

-              Write articles for FrontPage Magazine. Subjects mostly deal with US groups and individuals associated with terrorism, such as CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS and various radical mosques. I have also written extensively against white supremacist groups. My information, including proof of financial ties to terrorist organizations, has been cited on numerous occasions in DHS and various national security reports.

-              Lecture at numerous prominent universities, including a keynote address at UCLA about the dangers of Islamic Supremacism and US military involvement overseas, including the problems regarding the War in Iraq


2011 – 2018         Writer/Researcher for Middle East Forum

-              Spoke at MEF conference in DC about the threat of Islamist Lawfare

-              Through my work, was able to expose terror support networks as well as politicians who associate with those linked to terror, including US Congressman Keith Ellison


2016 – 2017         Researcher for Center for Security Policy                             

-              Worked on nine-month project to map Islamist structures throughout entire state of Florida, including an accounting of each entity’s leadership


2015       Researcher for IPT Executive Director Steve Emerson’s SAE Productions


2012       Appointed representative of Friends for Israel, promoting Israel’s Declaration of Independence

-      Was signatory to group’s reconfirmation project, the ceremony of which took place in Israel’s Knesset. The original project (1987) had signatories including Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter; Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres and Yizhak Rabin; and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher


2010                       Author of Terrorism Chart for then-Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum         

-              At the behest of then-Attorney General of Florida Bill McCollum, created a terrorism chart detailing the connections of various US Islamist groups to the Muslim Brotherhood

-              At the behest of AG McCollum, created an education project based on and using the chart to teach law enforcement and government officials about the groups found on the chart

-              Chart was used by US Representative Peter King’s office, during Representative King’s Congressional hearing on Radical Islam


2006 – 2009         Co-Founder and Spokesman for the Terror-Free Oil Initiative

-              Educated the public on the importance of American energy independence and the problem with continuing US dependence on fuel from unfriendly nations

-              Created the first Terror-Free Oil gas station in Omaha, Nebraska


2005 – 2007         Special Assistant to lead attorney Larry Klayman at Klayman Law Firm

-              Wrote all affidavits and FOIAs; participated in high profile cases, including representing all Cubans who were gassed outside of Elian Gonzalez’ US home by Clinton Administration and representing the family of Terri Schiavo


1999 – 2003         Editor/Political Writer for Israpost (aka Jewish Israeli Magazine)

-              In August 2001, exactly one month prior to 9/11, I predicted the attacks in an article I had written, stating:  “I daresay, the [1993] World Trade Center bombing was no aberration. Sadly, though, it will take at least another tragedy, such as that one (G-d forbid), to make people begin to see reality…”


1998 – 2016         Chairman of ENERSEC USA

-              Educating the public on issues concerning National Security and American Energy Independence through speeches, conferences, writings and rallies


Additional Experience:

-              Have been a guest on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS and C-SPAN

-              Co-founded Florida chapter of Republican Jewish Coalition

-              Wrote for National Review

-              Wrote for Jeb Bush’s magazine, Impact

-              Broward Co-Chairman of Steve Forbes for President campaign

-              Award-winning Editor of Broward Special Olympics newsletter

-              Assistant Producer for G. Gordon Liddy Radio Show

-              Radio Talk Show Host of Politics of Terrorism show

-              While at University of Maryland, junior lobbyist for AIPAC

-              While at University of Maryland, co-chairman of campus Israeli Independence Day

-              Member of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity

-              Married to Emily, who is a Spanish and Hebrew teacher originally from Peru